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Evolonn SSDD Comic PG10 (2017) :iconlan0ra:LAN0RA 20 36
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Dear Friends of Mine

:iconsuejo: :iconconradknightsocks: :iconmelalina:
:iconback-off-i-bite: :iconnikoskap:
:iconpatmp: :iconmagusferox:


LAN0RA has started a donation pool!
585 / 1,000

Just send a note or ask on my profile if you want to get a commish from me.
Fair warning-- I may reject certain subject matter.
Please have a look at my commission sheet if you are interested in getting one!!


If you enjoy my work and you'd like to help me out,
I would very much appreciate your support in :points: point donations!
It helps me out so much! :la:
Although, faves, watches, and comments are nice, too :hug:

:bulletred: I will close commissions again late July 2017, unless something changes.


Please note that I do NOT draw free "requests" for anyone except my closest friends on DeviantArt.
Friends of mine (and my watchers who are friendly to me) are welcome to ask me for collaborations. This doesn't mean I can definitely do it
(depends on my schedule and what I'm working on).

As for free drawing for my friends, I will limit my closest friends (people in the "Dear Friends of Mine" widget) to one free color sketch OR one free color drawing per year. Anything beyond that would fall under commissioning me ;P
I do occasionally give discounts to my friends, though. :)

Please stop asking me for Requests/Free Drawings if you are not a close friend of mine--Especially those of you who have just met me.

**Please note, NONE of my original characters in the "My Original Characters" folder in my gallery are for sale-- absolutely NONE of them... so please don't ask me that.


I use points to help keep my premium membership active (premium membership means more fun on deviantArt which in turn means more time spent drawing since I *mostly* only allow myself to be on DeviantArt while I'm drawing)!! Spelunking on dA is my reward for drawing, lol :rofl:




My Commission Information:

L A N 0 R A - C O M M I S S I O N S -  OPEN by LAN0RA




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Upcoming Drawings

Valkyrie and Viking (2013) work in progress by LAN0RA Ya'Ruil for Melalina (2015) WIP by LAN0RA


:star: GIFTS/ ART TRADES/ Contest Prizes :star:

*I owe a doppleganger art trade to :iconundercard212: -- I will start on it when he finishes his half of the trade :heart:

*I owe a phone sketch to :iconconradknightsocks:


:star: Sometimes, I have to work on whatever drawing speaks to me. If you are waiting for a request or gift or prize drawing, there is no specific order in which I draw them in. I try to do the oldest first, but sometimes skip it if I am having art block or no ideas for it.

:bulletblue: Panther or dolphin drawing for :iconpatmp:


:star: FAN ART PLANS :star:

:bulletblue: Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Comic.
Start here: The Search For Sonic, Part 1, Pg 1 (2015) by La-Nora

:bulletred:Vampire Hunter D and Sephiroth combo pic for everyone who voted on the poll on my old account. (On hold-- I will probably also do a poll for the drawing on who you think will win when I complete this drawing...maybe I'll add a bonus drawing of who I think would win out of these two...)



:bulletpurple: Book Covers (pot.Commisoffrs), Bookmarks (pot.Commisoffrs), Comic books, & Motivational Goal Illustration Letter to myself. This stuff only makes sense to me right now ^^;

:bulletgreen:Redraw/revisit the idea of "Girl and Saurus" from my old account.

:bulletred: Personal drawing: 30,000th page view drawing of the fox and the owl from my storybook drawing....I am making it winter time in the drawing because I feel like drawing that kind of theme this time. (inking-80% finished) >> Gathering in the Forest 30,000 pgviewdrwg-WIP by LAN0RA

:bulletpink: I would like to redraw and maybe slightly redesign all of my Original Characters. I will be drawing a lot more of my original characters that can't be seen on this account, so many new-looking characters will appear... but they can be found on my older account for the most part:
So far, you can see some of them that I have started to do this with here:
Dinan (2016) by LAN0RA Celeste (2016) by LAN0RA
Camilla (2017) by LAN0RA Eilee (2017) by LAN0RA Rez (2017) by LAN0RA
If you wanna see more, check out the "My Original Characters" folder in my gallery here:…
There will be a lot of my OC drawings and they will come between gifts and commission work as this is a personal project for me.

:bulletorange: I'd like to begin writing and drawing my own graphic novel. It will be a free online comic exclusively available to read here on dA for those who are interested.
Start here:
Evolonn SSDD PG 1 (2017) by LAN0RA


LAN0RA's Profile Picture
Artist | Varied
United States

This is my MAIN account ;P I am most active here :heart:

I am both a traditional and digital artist. I enjoy using both mediums, even mixing the two, sometimes. My favorite subjects to draw tend to be in the Fantasy genre, and I dabble in the Sci-Fi and horror/thriller genres. I majored in Drawing and Painting and earned my B.F.A. in 2007. Some of my old college undergraduate work can be found in my gallery inside a folder called "Really Old Work 2000-2012". My ultimate goal is to be able to draw my original stories regularly and sell them as comics. I'm still trying to make that happen, but it is difficult because I have a lot of commitments that stand in the way. I won't stop trying to make my comics and stories, however. I am going to make at least one of my comics available online on dA for everyone.
You can find the beginning here:
Evolonn SSDD PG 1 (2017) by LAN0RA
Any other comics I write/draw may have to be placed on a site to purchase.
Art has a cost and it is not free. I believe Art takes time, effort, and is the personal essence of the artist who creates it. I believe that, in every one of my works, there lives a little piece of me.

:no: No, I do not draw requests for anyone except very close friends :no:
I may be open to doing an art trade or collaboration with you if we are friends.

Commissions Info:

My Group:

PLEASE read the rules of my group/s before you join it or consider watching it/them instead of joining :heart:



Request: SonallyStamp by LumoreanArts Princess Sally Acorn Stamp by KissTheThunder Stamp: Alucard by Gypsy-Rae



Undiscovered Wtf by LAN0RAWell, now I know what to draw to get up there :XD:
Because I apparently have almost no life, I'm answering Grendelkin's tag. But. I'm not tagging people. Just answer the same questions I was given at the bottom in a comment on this status if you want to or do the tag thingy and say I tagged you and make some different ones ;P 

13 Things (or facts, I guess it means?) About Me:

1) I am semi-ambidextrous. I can draw at almost the same level with both hands, but I can't write for shit with my left, lol. (must be the wrong side of the brain controlling that one, rofl) but really, I'm sure if I practiced a little, I'd be able to be more proficient with it. If ya wanna see my crappy left handed writing, it's on this meme somewheres:…

Here's a couple of doodles of mine that have a both a right & left hand scribble on it (I always label the left-handed ones- my right hand is my dominant hand, but they come so close that nobody would notice the difference and probably think they are only a sketch from the right one, lol):
O.C. Doodles and Left Hand Sketches (2001) by La-Nora     Illora Thorne (2005) by La-Nora  

2) I have the INTJ-T personality type (I've tested for it and came out the same one twice). uhhh... look it up if you're curious about that, otherwise, I'm not going into that except to say it's the dominant personality type of a lot of movie or novel villains, lol.

3) I might have A.D.D. O_O
I don't know for sure and I'm too lazy to get checked out, haha. I know I do tend to have some of the symptoms of it... HYPERFOCUS is one of the biggest ones I struggle with. The inability to remember things and the inability to pay attention to things are other heavy problems of mine. 

4) I can't draw without music or something playing on in the background or I lose focus. I MUST have some kind of music or white noise going on around me to concentrate on drawing. 

5) I am only 5 feet tall IRL. (Did that just make you laugh? :shakefist: Hey, shut up! :pissed:) Also, if a certain person is paying attention to this dumb shit, she'd know I'm an awful lot like one of her characters for this reason. *cough*Ferox*cough*

6) My favorite food is a toss up between Chicken Picatta and Lasagna, rofl

7) My first name spelled correctly is: LaNora
My middle name is Rose ;P 

8) I work in a grocery store. Sad, I know. :nod: I'm the lady who hangs the signs and shelf tags :rofl:

9) I have a dog named "Beauregard T. Jangles" The T stands for "Tiberius" :XD: 
Here he is, he's f**king adorable and he's a corgi-dor:
Beauregard T. Jangles (the Real Deal) by La-Nora   Beauregard T. Jangles (Beau Beau) (2011) by La-Nora

10) Ahem... my Commissions are open-- HALF FRICKIN' PRICE. whatzamattah wit yehs? Jump on that while it lasts! I haven't offered such cheap drawing since three years ago.

11) dude, I'm running out of things here. uuuuhhh... here's some interesting insults I made-- to both myself and others-- I'm not explaining any of them-- also, I'm foul mouthed-- honestly, I think I have brain problems:
"Gaddamned Pigless Bastard" "Ceramic-bitch" "Gobble-wobbles" "ain't you all sweet and chunks"
"ya dumb junk" "ya dun fucked up" "I have a problem, it's called my personality" "Ya Butt Cake" "Mookey-Cawcaw" "Somebody better be dead when I get back to work." "got square patches, ya badonkidonk" "Peckerdoofus."

12) My living room is Yellow. Because it is the color of happy... for psychopaths. But seriously though, it supposedly helps with mood. I don't really know if that's true, I'm just BullShitting ya.

13) I have a benign mole on my ribcage. It's kinda cute, actually. Usually, it isn't easy to see because it just gets covered with my giant brea.... uhhh, never mind. ^^; 

13 Things Grendlekin asked me:

1. If Doctor Who appeared in front of you and said you HAD to come along as Companion because the universe would end if you didn't .... which Doctor would you want to travel with?
A: I have never seen any of the Doctor who stuff. If I had to pick a doctor, it would be based on looks alone, lol... so, the 11th (?) doctor, I guess. The actor, Matt Smith, I think.

2. If you had committed a crime you wanted to keep hidden, and one of the following fictional detectives (Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Ms. Marple, Father Brown, Father Dowling, Brother Cadfael, Lt. Columbo or Tom Barnaby) would have to investigate you, who would you want it to be?
A: Duh. Sherlock. But my crime would be so boring that he wouldn't waste his time on me *cries*
3. You wake up and discover you have been transported into the world of your favourite comic, cartoon, manga or anime. What is the first thing you do?
A: Probably manga-- I'd start casting Jutsus, lol. And then read "Makeout Paradise". See if you can't figure it out from those clues.
4. You turn on the news and discover a zombie apocalypse has broken out in your homeland. It is not a hoax. What is the first thing you do?
A: Turn off the news, because noise attracts them, lol.
5. If you had to be a supervillain, what would your shtick be?
A: I think I'd like Darth Vader's choke power. Or to be able to use "the force".
6. Which single action do you think would have the greatest positive impact on the world today?
A:Oh come on. HOW CAN YOU SAVE THE WORLD FROM ITSELF? have a listen:
7. You wake up to a knock on the door in the middle of the night. What do you do?
A:Get up and look through peephole and stare quietly at whoever is on the other side of the door until they go away while my dog barks wildly.
8. A grey alien has appeared at your back door and is communicating it wants to borrow a cup of sugar. What do you do?
A:Roll my eyes and go back to bed.
9. You have to choose a dinosaur to ride to school or work. Which dinosaur do you choose? (Pterosaurs are allowed for this exercize.)
A:Stegosaurus :icondinolaplz:
10. If you were given the power to reset the universe and all history, what would you do? 
A: Nothing OR probably reset it over and over again, like an NES.
11. Shoes, sandals, boots or barefoot? 
A: All of these at some point or another.
12. Mayonaise or mustard?
A: Both.
13. You are offered the opportunity to enter the world of your favourite book, game or movie, but the price is that you must enter it as a villain. You are free to change once you are there, but you have to start as a servant of the evil boss. Do you accept?
A:What if my favorite book is my own comic and I wanted to enter it as one of those villains? If I can't be the main bad guy, Korbik, I'd be Nathaniel:
Nathaniel Crowley (2017) by LAN0RA
K1r1ban on 88,888 page views ;P

Win a free drawing from me if you get a screen shot of 88,888 page views  :la::heart:

I'll draw a flat colored simple line pic for ya ;P

Last time, I drew this for someone who caught my 77,777 k1r1ban:
Philbert (2017) by LAN0RA



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